Admission is underway! Admission is going on!! Bongo Technology Online and Offline 1. Android phone repairing training and 2. iPhone repair training course admission with special discount is going on. You can join our course from any country in the world including Bangladesh. Contact Us Address: Banga Technology, A-16 (Third Floor), Razzak Plaza, Savar, Dhaka-1340, Mobile: 01819-862558, 01871-111651. If you want to confirm the admission, click on the button "Book Now" below and provide all the necessary information. Our representative will confirm your booking according to the batch very quickly. Thank You !

Mobile Repairing Course

Get all the materials to learn mobile servicing in one course. Skilled people are never unemployed. If you have the mindset to work hard then Bongo Technology's Mobile Servicing Course can be your last hope to fulfill your dreams.

We have all the latest technology to help you learn at your best.

If you want to do something good, there is no substitute for hard work. Age is no barrier to setting new goals or dreaming new dreams.

Basic Servicing Free Course

Android Mobile Servicing

iPhone Servicing Training

Mobile Software Course

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First try to get ideas from recorded videos.

Always practice

Practice a lot after watching the video lectures.

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Note keeping is not an option to learn new terms and problem shooting.

Realize daily results yourself

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Course Details

Special Mobile Servicing Training Preparation

"Failure, like success, is unique to each individual. But with a positive attitude, any failure can be a new lesson. Education that inspires to start again with new dreams”

Android servicing preparation

iPhone servicing preparation

Complete course of software

Digital Promotion of Repairing Business

Popular Trainers

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Md. Mehdi Hasan

Chief Trainer (Higher training on mobile servicing course from outside the country)

Md. Babul Shikder

B, Sc In Engineering Department: Electrical and Electronics.

Md. Saiful Islam Masum

Business promoter and digital marketer.

Everyone's first choice "Bongo Technology"

Our trainees are like deposits with us. Your sustenance may be in the hands of Allah, but we want to be the proud source of sustenance.

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